If you like dance, yoga/surf & personal growth, this is for YOU!

HoolaHooping with a Twist!

Flow, Ease and Grace!

Concepts we all know, but that are so challenging to stay connected with in our busy lives. Come and experience HOOPJOY at our workshop in Ericeira on Sunday 9th of June from 10-12am and find out how to use them the easy way!

HOOPJOY is hoolahooping combined with performance & wellbeing psychology. It is a joyful daily practice amplifying your energy, flow & joy allowing your body to lead the way and letting your mind take a backseat. It allows your nervous system to calm down and your body wisdom and intuition to surface.


Feel the rhythm, connect and learn to amplify the momentum


Find the minimal amount of effort required to maintain motion forwards


Allowing yourself time to connect, feel and embody these concepts

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Sunday the 9th of June from 10-12am at Praia do Pescadores, Ericeira.


  • Yoga Teacher, 45, wanted to experience Zen in a different way

  • "Anna teaches incredibly well! I enjoy it every time. Everything is perfect: who she is, how she teaches, and the philosophy of HOOPJOY. Truly wonderful to experience how it all comes together as one! I am very enthusiastic, and my yoga students also love coming to you."

  • Michelle has just moved to Amsterdam

  • "HOOPJOY is the ideal icebreaker. Everywhere I go with my hoop, people react happily and positively. It invites people to show their best selves. Every time, it makes me happy."

  • Nancy, partner at a law firm

  • HOOPJOY is about life: a party you create in the way that works best for you. The lessons radiate this from all sides: stand firmly on your own feet, feel the flow, and have fun. I would recommend everyone to join HOOPJOY classes! It's a great way to detach from the 'adult' world and play unabashedly: empty your mind and just 'be.'

  • 55-year-old woman with back pain

  • "HOOPJOY literally got me moving again, despite my hernia. I notice that my back and abdominal muscles are getting stronger, which means I have less back pain during the day. This saves me a lot of energy."

  • Vera, 41, wanted to lose weight

  • "HOOPJOY is the perfect way for me to exercise. I don't really like gyms, but this can be done at home. I've already lost several centimeters around my waist. So, give me a hoop instead of the home trainer."

  • Depressed high net worth CEO

  • "I have not been feeling very well at the moment, and this workshop came just in time. It brought relief and joy; I found it very valuable."

  • What magazine, papers & books wrote about HOOPJOY

  • VIVA - "HOOPJOY is not just about the workout but also the mental aspect: body & mind. "Mindfulness through play = playfulness," Anna calls it. (...) I suddenly feel much better than half an hour ago, all after just a few seconds of 'hooping in the moment'."

  • De Pers - "Hooping is a license to laugh and play. You forget everything around you for a moment and focus only on yourself and your body."

  • Runners World - "If you don't listen to signals from your body or push too hard, the hoop falls to the ground. You can hardly think of a more beautiful physical metaphor for (sports) performance. Anna is a performance psychologist and expert with a hula hoop, who manages to touch me directly with her spot on insights in the first few minutes, with a smile. Who would have thought?!"

  • Het Parool - "HoolaHooping is actually a metaphor for life: the calmer and more attentive you do it, the better it goes. A playful way to practice mindfulness. You learn to feel again, instead of spinning around in your head all the time."

  • JAN Magazine - "It relaxes and literally and figuratively brings you back into balance."

  • NRC - "We've all been children. The older you get, the more you start doing what's expected. With HOOPJOY, you learn to shed those layers and give yourself the space to be who you really are."

  • GLAMOUR - "It's a fantastic workout, especially for your waistline. Each session burns 400 to 600 calories, and the best part: hula hooping brings out your inner child!"

  • FLAIR - "While hooping, you can let go of all your thoughts and don't have to do anything at all, except play!"

  • RED - "An hour of HOOPJOY not only gives you a slimmer waist but also childish happiness."

  • De Weekkrant- "Hooping brings peace, puts you in greater balance (literally and figuratively), and helps you distance yourself from the daily tumult. However simple the movement may be, your attention must remain on your body and the hoop. If you don't, your hoop falls to the ground.

  • Healthy YOU magazine Through playful interactions, Anna reveals your natural patterns and reactions. This workshop helps you recognise them and transcend these patterns, offering more efficient alternatives. This shift leverages the body's innate capacity for change, faster than cognitive efforts.

  • Reactions from Well-Known Individuals (NL) on our workshop:

  • "Anna brings color, movement, and spirit to life through who she is. With her hoops, she can also set your life in motion. Thank you, Anna!" (Tijn Touber, author of "The secret of geniusness" & "City lights"

  • "A hoop is like a perfume of happiness; by surrounding yourself with it, you sprinkle happiness on those around you. Anna, you are a flow rider! With music, movement, and inspiration, you bring happiness into others' lives. You should be very proud of that!" Patrick van Hees, author of "The happiness professor"

  • "Anna ensures that you are present in the here and now, aware of your body, and experience joy. These positive emotions, naturally arising from HOOPJOY, contribute to reducing stress greatly." Roel Zijlstra, heartmath; Heart Rate Variability trainer and coach

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Sunday 26th of May 10-12am at Praia do Pescadores, Ericeira.

Practical Details

Come and join the next workshop on Sunday 9th of June from 10-12am 2024.

  • Date = Sunday 9th of June 2024

  • Time = 10am - 12am

  • Duration = 2 hr

  • Location = Praia do Pescadores, Ericeira

  • Price = 35 p.p. or EARLY BIRD €30 pp until 4/6/24

  • We provide adult size hula hoops & music

Come HOOPJOY with us and make flow, easy and grace your new style!

Physical Benefits

Suitable for everyone
Increases balance, and posture, perfect for yoga & surfers
increased fluidness in spine
Strengthens muscles gently
Makes you laugh & feel liberated
Burns as many calories as jogging

Mental Benefits

Reduces stress levels
Boosts self-confidence
Enhances creativity and inspiration
Brings you into the present moment
Creates the optimal performance state
Gets you OUT OF your head and INTO your body!

Emotional Benefits

Increases the feel-good factor
Lowers feelings of sadness and depression
Cultivates a sense of calm, rhythm, and space
Acts as an energizing and positive outlet
Boosts confidence in yourself and being yourself

Energy & Awareness Benefits

Increases the feel-good factor
Lowers feelings of sadness and depression
Cultivates a sense of calm, rhythm, and space
Acts as an energizing and positive outlet
Boosts confidence in yourself and being yourself

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